1. From the course profile page, click the Add More Batch button.

2. Type the name of your batch under Batch Name.

3. Choose an enrollment period for this batch. Select Forever if you want users to enroll in this batch anytime.

Select Set Start and End Date if you want users to enroll in this batch from and until specific dates.

To set the date, click on the dd/mm/yyyy under Start Date and Time and/or under End Date and Time. You can also click on the calendar icon and select the correct date.

To set the time, type it on the space provided. You can also click on the clock icon and select a specific time. Check if it is set to “AM” or “PM.”

Note: The enrollment period may be useful for self-enrollment and enrollment links. 

4. Then, choose the access period. Select Forever if you want the users enrolled in this batch to have unlimited access to the course.

Otherwise, select Set start and end date to set a specific date and time for the access period of the enrolled learners in this batch.

5. Lastly, select if participants of the batch will receive certification after completion or not. Note: If you chose without certification, this cannot be changed once the batch has been created. If you plan to set a certificate for this batch and this course

6. Click Save to save your changes.

Once saved, the new batch should appear under Batches in the Course Profile. Click on progress tabs to easily filter your batch user list. The batches may have the following course progress tags:

Ongoing – are batches currently taking the course

Queued – batches waiting for their access period to start

Done – batches that have finished taking the course because their access period have already elapsed

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