Now that you have finished creating your course, you're now ready to open it for your learners. Make sure to check these things before proceeding to open your course:

1. Prerequisites 

If you have set prerequisites for your course, make sure that the prerequisites are correct. You can grant yourself learner access to the course so that you can test the course by taking it as a learner.

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2. Certification

Make sure that you have turned the Certification on. This is to ensure that the scores of the learners in assessments will appear in Analytics.

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3. Email notifications

If you want learners to be informed about their enrollment to the course, you can enable email notifications. 

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4. Batches

Ensure that you have set up a batch and enrolled the users who will take the course.

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5. Publish Details

After checking everything, go to Publish Details and publish your course.

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